Family Promise of Greater Johnson City, TN
Sunday, April 26, 2015
Keeping Families Together

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Here we explore accounts from our Volunteers who have discovered FPJC to be a natural outgrowth of their values and beliefs and how showing hospitality through FPJC has enhanced their spiritual journey.

Amy Blumberg

As the transportation coordinator for our church, in addition to finding others to help drive the van, I also regularly drive the van. Driving the van can provide a unique opportunity to discuss with the clients how their day went, if they have been successful job hunting, if they are close to getting housing etc. It also provides the opportunity to encourage them and if the situation presents itself, share God's love.

Regularly eating meals with the clients is another way to do the same things as stated above. It is most rewarding to see the people who are just down on their luck and do not normally live that lifestyle, pick themselves up, brush themselves off and go on with life because the program has helped them find housing, a job or both. In the eyes of a downtrodden individual, seeing hope turn into a bright smile because they are able to successfully leave the program is all worth it.

Bob Peebles

From left to right Brian Rosecrance, Bob Peebles, Ken Talley & Terry Welch Family Promise Board President. The other "pullers" not pictured here are John Fry, Michael Scott, Mark Crowder and Alan LeClair.

This summer, one of our long-time and very valuable volunteers, Bob Peebles, “retired” from his role on the FPJC Sunday “Pullers” crew. Each Sunday, the families rotate from host church to host church in the Johnson City area, and we must have a way to move their luggage and beds as well. We have a very useful trailer for this purpose and a crew of great guys who help load this trailer, then hook up their trucks and pull the trailer full of belongings from one church to another. Bob has been a part of this effort since 2001 and has been instrumental in helping Sunday transitions to run smoothly and effectively.

In addition to the many Sundays Bob has spent pulling the trailer, he has been involved in many other aspects of FPJC’s growth as well. Bob spent numerous hot (and cold) days helping families to move furniture into their new homes, or taking donations of household items to our storage units. He was also essential in making necessary modifications to the Day Center when we moved into our current location in 2005. Bob and his wife, Athena, also participate regularly as host volunteers at First UMC during their FPJC hosting weeks. Another very important way that Bob has served our organization is by helping to bring other volunteers to the FPJC ministry. There are many current volunteers who can trace their beginnings in helping FPJC to a request from Bob Peebles.

Bob will be truly missed on Sunday mornings and at FPJC in general. We wish him well in his retirement from FPJC, but we also know we can call on him for advice when needed. Bob is an asset to his church and this community and we celebrate all he gives for the sake of others. Well done faithful servant, Bob, and thanks!