Family Promise of Greater Johnson City, TN
Tuesday, May 26, 2015
Keeping Families Together

If paying by check, send donation to:
  Family Promise of Greater Johnson City
P.O. Box 205
Johnson City, TN 37605


Volunteer Job Descriptions and Information

The success and effectiveness of Family Promise of Greater Johnson City (FPJC) depends on the efforts and enthusiasm of hundreds of
volunteers. They perform the variety of tasks necessary to provide a safe and comfortable temporary home for their
guests. Volunteers express their hospitality by interacting with guests, treating guest families with dignity and
respect, and showing genuine concern for their well-being.
Below are PDF job descriptions and training videos for many key FPJC volunteer jobs. Some volunteer job
expectations may vary somewhat from congregation to congregation.
*Starred and underlined policies must be followed consistently at all congregations
If you have questions about volunteer job expectations please contact the FPJC staff.
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