Family Promise of Greater Johnson City, TN
Sunday, April 26, 2015
Keeping Families Together
Family Promise

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2012 National Stats

56,143 individuals were served by Family Promise affiliates nationwide. This number reflects an increase in more than 7,000 individuals receiving services compared to last year.
Nationally, 52% of families moved on to secure permanent housing and 19% secured transitional housing.
The number of families served through the IHN program was 3,673. The average length of stay by guests was 64 days, an increase of one day over the 2011 average. The increase in the average length of stay shows that families continue to need robust support services once entering the IHN program.
Slightly more than 5.6% of our families were headed by a single male parent. In most communities, it is not possible for such a family to stay together in shelter.
62% of IHN guests nationwide were children, and 44% of those were age 5 and under. 44,574 children and adults received support from Family Promise affiliates nationwide outside of the IHN program. This is an increase of 8,000 non-IHN clients served over last year.
How is such broad support possible?
Family Promise has 182 affiliates in 41 states and the District of Columbia; involves more than 6,000 congregations and 150,000 volunteers. Thank you for the incredible work YOU do changing the lives of children and their families!