Family Promise of Greater Johnson City, TN
Saturday, March 28, 2015
Keeping Families Together

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Spiritual Life

Welcome to the FPJC Spiritual Life home page. Since it’s inception, Family Promise of Greater Johnson City (FPJC) has been a faith-based organization, and such as, we see our tasks as more than just providing tangible services to our staff, volunteers, and the families we serve. We believe that one’s social and psychological wholeness and stability are best achieved with attention to one’s spiritual development as well.

We further maintain that the time-honored and universal virtue of showing hospitality is an essential element of our life together in community. Therefore, we seek to create an environment and offer resources where that can best take place for everyone associated with FPJC. We respect and honor all faith groups and even those without faith. We invite you to explore with us the world of spirituality – the vital aspects of life beyond the material world.

There is something here for everyone:
Our FPJC Families  »
Brings you to stories from our families about their journeys toward a greater sense of spiritual growth.
Volunteers  »
Explores accounts from our volunteers who have discovered FPJC to be a natural outgrowth of their values and beliefs and how showing hospitality through FPJC has enhanced their spiritual journey.
Spirituality 101  »
Offers articles on the topic of spirituality from a variety of authors and backgrounds and suggestions you might want to consider, to more fully engage in you own quest for the transcendent.

So sit back and click to your heart’s content. It is our prayer that you will find inspiration, motivation, and blessings as never before!.