Congregational Partnerships

Family Promise of Greater Johnson City (FPJC) mobilizes a network of faith congregations, social service agencies, and volunteers to address the issue of family homelessness. The below information describes three partnership levels for local faith congregations. For more information about congregational partnerships please contact us.


  1. hostkidsHost Congregations provide space in their houses of worship for three to five local homeless families with children who are in FPJC’s Interfaith Hospitality Network program. These guest families stay at host congregations during the evening hours and overnight for one week, three to four times per year. During the day, unless they are employed or attend school, the guest families go to the Family Promise facilities where they work on goals to regain independence. Host congregations also provide volunteers who assist the guest families during the week in the following seven ways:


  1. Volunteer Coordinator helps organize the congregation’s volunteer team and is the congregation’s liaison with FPJC staff.
  2. Meal Preparers prepare hot evening meals for guest families.
  3. Evening Hosts eat evening meals with the guest families and are available to assist the guests from about 5:30-8:30pm.
  4. Overnight Hosts sleep overnight at the host congregation in case of an emergency. Overnight host shifts are typically from 8:30pm-7:00am the following morning.
  5. Breakfast and Lunch Suppliers purchase breakfast and lunch food for the guest families to eat during the host week.
  6. Set Up and Tear Down Crew switch the host congregation’s Sunday school classrooms and/or offices into guest family rooms for the week and then switch back at end of week. Rollaway beds are provided by FPJC for all guest family members and overnight hosts.
  7. Transportation Providers drive the guest families from the host congregation to the FPJC day center and to school drop-offs in the morning. They also pick up guest families from the day center in the evening and return them to the host congregation.


  1. Support Congregations provide volunteers to assist the guest families during the week at a partnering host congregation. See above for the seven roles that volunteers from support congregations provide to assist guest families.


  1. Companion Congregations provide financial support* to FPJC through regular giving. Some companion congregations also assist FPJC through service projects at the day center and family resource center office, through supply drive collections, or organizing fundraisers to benefit FPJC.


 *Many host and support congregations also provide financial support to FPJC.

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Family Promise just really gave us hope that we didn't have when we first started.

Cindy Kennard, board member, former guest

It's a wonderful experience. There's a lot of love and joy being expressed daily. 

Kurt Kneuker, former guest

Me and my kids were living in an abandoned building. Now we have our own house. I have a job. I just got a car. Family Promise did all that.

Nikita Nogueda, former guest
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