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kneukers porchThe mission of Family Promise of Greater Johnson City (FPJC) is to help homeless and low income families achieve sustainable independence. We provide a network of faith congregations and community agencies to promote a collaborative response for homeless families with children.


In particular, this response provides an opportunity for homeless families to remain together as a family while addressing the challenges that confront them in obtaining housing. These families receive counseling, access to a host of services (e.g. job skills training, etc.), and opportunities for growth with issues related to each family’s specific needs.

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Family Promise of Greater Johnson City shared Appalachian Community Federal Credit Union's post.

After 3+ years of planning and preparing, we moved to our new location today at 215 West Watauga Avenue! We had a whole bunch of help from a team of volunteers from Appalachian Community Federal Credit Union, and we couldn't have done it without them. This wasn't a "carrying a few boxes" kind of was loading trucks and trailers with heavy furniture, desks, file cabinets, and appliances and lugging them up a pretty significant flight of stairs. Their positive attitudes and camaraderie made the hard work fun. It was just another example of how this organization truly cares about our families and supports our mission. We are very grateful for all of their support!
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Family Promise just really gave us hope that we didn't have when we first started.

Cindy Kennard, board member, former guest

It's a wonderful experience. There's a lot of love and joy being expressed daily. 

Kurt Kneuker, former guest

Me and my kids were living in an abandoned building. Now we have our own house. I have a job. I just got a car. Family Promise did all that.

Nikita Nogueda, former guest
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